BC BULLYZ in essence is a state of mind a consciousness.

“If you don’t think correctly, it’s impossible for you to move correctly.”

An expansion of Conscious Thought is what led us to the Rebirth of our current website. Like we said in the beginning… In a World of constant evolution, a crew of enlightened beings has emerged to free the minds and raise the collective consciousness of the masses. The Blockchain ideology is what resonated strongly with us. The thought of putting the power of currency back into the hands of the people equated with freedom to us. The powers that be have used currency to oppress the masses and continue to do so. Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency was the proverbial middle finger to the establishment, and we loved that thought process. Our original intent was to bridge the gap between Crypto and Culture using fresh and original merchandise.

That being said we still never planned to be locked into just one space creatively. Hence the Conscious Collection. We understood from the beginning that Evolution takes place in the mind. If you don’t think correctly, it’s impossible for you to move correctly. As I embarked on my journey to enlightenment and studying to show myself approved my consciousness continued to expand both creatively and consciously. I began to receive divine direction on how to move with the brand. I understood that we are more than a Streetwear Brand. What we are is an expansion of Conscious Thought expressed through clothing.

Our Brand is Thought its based-on energy frequency and vibration. We realized people would lock into the Blockchain name and equate us exclusively with Crypto which was never the intent. BULLYZ is an acronym for Benevolent, Unlearners. Living, Like, Yolo, Zealously and this part was being overlooked and overpowered by the Blockchain title. What we wanted people to realize is that Blockchain is a part of the Evolution and the Conscious expansion not the other way around. We lean on what it says in Scripture “be not conformed by the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. We have come to the fundamental understanding through Spiritual discernment that the journey we are on is an inner journey. All of the noise and distractions we encounter are designed to keep you from hearing the voice of God that exists within you. We refer to it as our Inner – G. As we have come to the understanding that “we are Gods and children of the most high” Silence and listening to the inner voice they try to keep you from hearing is the Key to Knowledge Wisdom Power Peace & Understanding.

We are aware that the Universe is a mirror, and it gives you back exactly what you sow into it. Therefore, we must take accountability for speaking Life as Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. These are the types of things we express through our clothing. Clothing is merely a Canvas to place our thoughts upon to aid us permeating the Earth with this Consciousness. All That being said is what led us to make the decision to have a Rebirth of the Website to reflect our Rebirth in Consciousness. The original Blockchain collection will forever be a major part of our movement and will be available in our OG (Original Garments) Collection.

We have Evolved and the Brand has evolved with us. We are excited to bring you the Rebirth of Blockchain Bullyz in the form of BC BULLYZ. BC stands for Brave Conscious and as stated earlier the BULLYZ stands for Benevolent, Unlearners. Living, Like, Yolo, Zealously. Evolution takes place in the mind!!! So, for a complete understanding of BC BULLYZ and The Bullyz Evolution here it is.

BC BULLYZ in essence is a state of mind a consciousness. What we do is take conscious thought and transfer it onto merchandise. Then we send it out to the Universe for consumption. We know that Free Thinkers, Unlearners, Knowledge and Truth Seekers along with the Time Freedom Fighters will gravitate to it because that’s the energy frequency and vibration it was created upon. Love and Light.

-Bullyz Evolution

A portion of our proceeds are donated to DPFL

What is Dogs Playing For Life all about?

DPFL is really about helping society understand and connect with dogs by promoting the benefits of proper socialization, the issues breed-specific stereotypes cause, fighting the laws that some areas of the US has that call for dogs that end up in a shelter to be killed without the chance to find a new home simply due to which breed they are. (Pit Bulls specifically) They are extremely effective in placing abused and problematic dogs that were saved from traumatic circumstances like dog-fighting rings, abusive owners, strays, etc. Basically the bullyz/dogs that would typically have no hope, the ones that have suffered, and DPFL literally saves those dogs lives and finds safe, healthy homes for the majority of them. (around an 80+% success rate. They have been working with shelters and organizations all over these 50 states to work with shelters and organizations so they too can become part of the solution. Dogs Playing for Life has helped nearly 300 shelters nationwide, introducing playgroups as an effective and efficient quality-of-life strategy.

The comprehensive programs help more shelter dogs thrive and each success story makes a compelling case for the need for our lifesaving work. The industry-leading programming has been introduced to hundreds of organizations by DPFL, effectively changing the sheltering landscape.

Take a look at some of the success stories at DogsPlayingForLife.com and you’ll agree – the work DPFL does saves lives!